Before I was pregnant, when a friend would tell me how many weeks along they were, I would spend the next few minutes calculating. For most people, they understand pregnancy in terms of months, like “seven months pregnant” or “four and a half months”. It’s confusing, for anyone not in the pregnancy world, to translate these pesky weeks into something that makes sense. And yet, here I am on the other side, doing the exact same thing and replying with 22 weeks to anyone who dares to ask. (Only here would 22w5 mean something ;-)).

In my defense, there seems to be very little consensus about how “so many weeks” translates to “so many months pregnant.” My books all give different counting systems, some go up to 10 months at full term, some folks only say “9 months” when you are at 40 weeks–which seems rather odd to me.

At the moment I’ve been sticking to “in my fifth month” I’m guessing to change into “in my sixth month” at some point? Somehow that seems more true than “X-months pregnant” which I can never tell means if that’s the number of months you’ve completed or what month you are in…

So help me answer a silly question. General consensus of pregnant people, how many months pregnant do you call yourself?