It’s official, we’re at the halfway point of pregnancy. Ahhhh!

I can’t decide if this seems unbelievable because there is a) so much time before the baby comes or b) so little time before the baby comes.

On the “really–there’s how much more to go?” side, I’ve been feeling a bit ungainly. I’ve been running my stomach into ill positioned counters, not knowing where my edges are, or finding tops that I thought were loose at some point in time, now having that awkward “too tight gaping.” But on the other hand, I realize that gaining another 20 lbs above where I am now is very possible, even likely and healthy. And it just feels crazy! Really, after all the changes so far, they are just a drop in the bucket of what’s coming…. really? I feel like we’ve been through a lot to get here, (ugh first trimester), but there is just as much to go which seems hard to believe.

And yet on the other hand, I feel completely unprepared. I had a dream last night that I had had the baby early. Babies actually–in my dream it was twin boys, but we had brought them home without the most basic of necessities like “any extra diapers.” And so the rest of the dream was spent trying to deal with reality that we were completely unprepared. I feel like there was a subtle hint from my subconscious in there somewhere 😉

Which brings me to today, and my great purging/reorganization of the apartment. We live in a two bedroom place, that is remarkably affordable for the area and ideally positioned to reduce our commuting, so the current plan is to stay here until we absolutely have to move. But because it is a small place, it also means that anything that comes into the apartment needs to be balanced with something that leaves. After living here a few years, we have accumulated things and filled up our few storage spaces. And on the bigger scale, if we are going to have room for a crib, or potentially move the office stuff into our bedroom, then some furniture and bookshelves (and *sigh* some of the books that fill them) must go.

So here’s the hope for a remarkably productive day of “getting rid of the unnecessary to make space for baby.” Because we are in the second half folks–it’s about to get real.