On Wednesday we visited the birthing center where I hope to get my prenatal care and deliver our baby. The idea of not having the option of an epidural does make me a little nervous, but I was so encouraged and inspired by the center’s focus on preparing women for labor and delivery that both my husband and I left feeling confident this was the right option for us. I called first thing the next day to make my first appointment. Unfortunately, I still haven’t gotten a call back! I suspect their lines were busy with calls from tour attendees, but I’m still a little annoyed.

There wasn’t much unusual about Wednesday evening other than an earlier dinner and no pre-bedtime snack. Around 2 in the morning, I woke up from a deep sleep completely overheated, hyperventilating, and like the room was spinning around as if I were drunk. I stumbled to the bathroom, stripped off my pajamas, and laid there crying as I broke into a full-on sweat. Of course my husband was completely freaked out and worried. There was nothing he could do for me. I managed to calm myself down enough to eat a few crackers and get back in bed.

Like clockwork, an hour later the same thing happened, but this time the dizziness was so bad that I started throwing up over and over again. Once the barfing stopped, I felt better. An hour later, the whole thing happened again–more spinning, more puking, more crying. Eventually I got myself back to sleep for a few hours, only to wake up feeling weak and pitiful. This was by far the lowest point of my pregnancy to date.

Just a few days earlier I’d felt pretty good and now I was experiencing full-on vertigo! I never even knew that could be a thing during pregnancy. After doing some web searches, I saw other women with similar episodes, which made me feel better and worse. Could this be my newest symptom? Was it going to be like this every night? No one really could say what causes it–low blood pressure, low blood sugar, inner ear issues, etc.

The following night I was exhausted but frightened to sleep, fearful that I’d have a bad night again. I propped myself up with extra pillows, had a snack before bed, and took a half unisom with a b6 vitamin. I also kept my seasickness wristbands on all night, and fortunately I made it through the night without any disruptions. I’m hoping it was just a fluke and not something I’ll have to deal with regularly.