I am now 14 weeks pregnant, and can’t quite figure out how to perceive my changing body. I present to you the facts:

  • I have gained all of one pound since getting pregnant.
  • All of my pants are profoundly uncomfortable. I have been wearing the BeBand nonstop–which has vastly improved the buttoning situation. But now it seems that my butt and thighs are large enough that sitting in my jeans or regular pants is no longer comfortable. Like after I take them off and sit in yoga pants, they still kinda hurt from being in the dumb jeans for any period of time.
  • I have a little belly that I find to be noticeable. Perhaps just noticeable to me when I put clothes on and see how they fit me.
  • My coworkers have been throwing in statements like “you’re not even showing yet.”

I will grant you that I am a rather petite person and I know my body much more intimately than others would. But it also leads my thoughts to fluctuate between “I-vow-to-never-wear-these-pants-again-take-me-shopping-now” to “who are you kidding, you aren’t even showing yet whiny-whiner.” The sensible answer is that I will notice smaller changes far before other people, and to wear clothes that don’t make you uncomfortable, and that there will be plenty of time for being visibly pregnant (like the next six months for example).

Or I can be insensible and just alternate lamenting that I’m so big/not big yet ;-). Anyone else with odd body image vacillation going on?