It’s been a nice few days in terms of pregnancy–mostly because I’m so relieved and so grateful to be out of nausea. Seriously, I hope to maintain my sense of empathy for any nausea sufferers in my midst for many years to come!

I even cooked food with meat tonight folks. Like actively stood over the stove and cooked something. Life is great.

Yes, I have had symptoms–still with fatigue and occasional dizziness. I have been having headaches for the last several days, which I’ve been trying to placate with tea, warm presses on the face, and the occasional tylenol. I’m hopeful that something changes in the next few days, but have I mentioned that without nausea, everything else seems more manageable?

One of my pregnancy books calls the second trimester “the calm” which seems pretty apt–I’m enjoying this newfound sense of peace about the pregnancy and the changes in my body.

Of course, I’ve realized something else: I seem to have filled that calm with huge amounts of other projects! My work runs on the program year–with the busy season and big projects running from September to May. And I love what I do and usually have more ideas for projects than I have time to work on. And somehow subconsciously I have moved all of the projects I was excited about for all of this year, into to the month of March. It’s not completely crazy, as regular work will be kicking up more in April, but it also is clearly because subconsciously I was making up for not being present in September. I love everything that I’m working on, but wowza, did I overbook myself for this month!

So this seems to be my season of busy calm–spending a lot of time outward on things that matter to me, while knowing that soon my focus will need to turn inward to my body and new baby family. I will be sad about it in some ways, when I won’t be able to devote as much of my time and mental energy to this work that I care about–I will need to readjust my life balance. So I guess my subconscious solution has been to tip the scales to work for the next month. I’ll try to appreciate the bustle for what it is, and begin learning what it will be like to let some things go.