I can’t get a sense of how my symptoms line up with other women in the first trimester, but I feel like I’ve lucked out.  I’ve been doing my best to prevent nausea by eating every two hours, sporting the not very fashionable seasickness bands all the time except for showering and sleeping, and continuing my vitamin B complex routine*.  All in all, I’ve been able to nip nausea mostly in the bud before it gets too bad, which probably means that my nausea is mild to begin with. Knowing that this could change at any time, I am counting my blessings.

My palate, however, has radically changed. My sweet tooth  has almost completely vanished, other than for the occasional popsicle or orange slice (the candy, not the fruit.) Making my own salads is out of the question for now because it sounds gross, though I’ve been able to eat lots of roasted vegetables, raw carrots, and (strangely) restaurant-prepared salads. I’ve been exchanging my morning coffee for herbal tea (mint and ginger mostly) and the occasional regular Coke to settle my stomach. Crackers are a staple, especially when I wake up at 5 am with a growling stomach.

Oh, but the fatigue. I was not prepared for how wiped out I would feel some mornings, and I usually fall victim to sleepiness in the early afternoon and end up taking a nap with the dog in front of an episode of Gilmore Girls. Again, I’m very grateful to work from home and have this opportunity to rest. But more than sleepiness, there are times when I can’t get myself out of bed. It feels like I’ve just gotten over a stomach flu and am completely depleted. These are the times when I ask a lot of my husband and feel guilty for doing so. He assures me that I’m the one doing the hard work of, you know, creating a new human, but I can’t help but worry I’ll wear him out before the baby gets here.

Feeling tired has been the biggest hurdle so far. I’m someone who is accustomed to being able to suck up and deal with not feeling great in order to be productive, but with the pregnancy, I’ve learned that there’s a limit to this. Which brings me to working out. I’ve been committed to not abandoning my exercise routine because I know how important it is for my health, especially after reading Exercising Through Your Pregnancy. But, I’ve had to lower my expectations. There are things I just can’t do right now, like high-intensity plyometrics. All of the bouncing makes me feel more nauseous and kills my boobs. And, I get winded much more quickly and with less exertion, which can be frustrating. It’s a tough balance of trying to challenge myself without overdoing it. I’ve exchanged my usual 6 am workout for late afternoon  sessions because that’s generally when I feel well enough to do it. Now a half hour session of lifting or low-impact cardio feels like a HUGE triumph. Funny how this pregnancy is affecting my life in ways I never anticipated.

All in all, I feel like I’m getting off easy so far, and I’m grateful for that. Tomorrow we go on a tour of the birthing center where I hope to get OB care and have my delivery. Here’s to seven weeks!

*I started this before I got pregnant. It’s supposed to help with lengthening the luteal phase (original reason for taking it), preventing morning sickness, and reducing chance of miscarriage.