First of all, can I do a little dance for being at week 12?  *dance* *dance*

I have my second doctors appointment on Wednesday, and I’m on the cusp of the second trimester. I am so glad and life is great.

In nitty gritty changes:

  •  I get hungry without being nauseous. Horrah!
  • I can imagine eating all of the food. Plan for this week involves things like “cooking!” I am really thrilled to go to the grocery store today, and pick out food while not feeling ill. This is fabulous and awesome.
  • Ok, this one is weird, but I think my belly button has changed shape. Both the fella and I have noticed it.  Before this I’ve been noticing things like my little pooch, but it’s funny to see that my body has actually changed. It still seems so strange to try to imagine how much something as close to me as my body will change over these coming months (not to mention my whole life changing after that). It just was kind of neat to see this little sign.
  • Still fatigued, and now getting some headaches, but I like symptoms that can be helped by sleeping.

That’s the quick update from this week, and hope to have more later on!