Well, I’m at 11weeks. Woot! And have been flipping between feeling better and then back to nauseous/lightheaded for a day or two and back. So I’m excited by progress, and can almost see the end of this trimester…. sooooo close….

Speaking of vacillating, my weight has also not been that slow and steady line. Midway through this trimester, I was up 3-4 lbs from my starting weight, then last week all the way back to starting weight, and now up a pound. I’m trying to just trying to let my body do what it will do–I swear, it seems to have a mind of its own. But not having gained much weight hasn’t kept my body from shaping differently. I now can’t zip up my skirted suits at all (seriously, I was crossing my fingers that my shirt was covering it all up most recently!). I can still button pants, so long as I don’t plan on sitting down in them!

Which comes to my question–where on earth does a person find maternity clothes?

I started out on an expedition to find one of those band-y things that I could wear with normal clothes

Stop 1): Name brand maternity store. I first walked, a little self consciously, into a Destination Maternity. It’s funny, I’m early enough along that really I don’t look pregnant if you aren’t me, trying to button my pants. For some reason, I feel totally self-conscious going into the store! I swear I’m not a fraud–I’m legitimately looking into maternity clothes even though, I don’t need them yet! It appears my existential angst was showing because a sales person came up to me to see if I needed help. I said I was looking for a band-y thing (I need to find a better term), and she showed me where they were while trying me to dissuade me from actually buying one, because they were expensive and don’t work your entire pregnancy. She tried to steer me towards maternity pants. 

I was not mentally ready to purchase maternity pants. This is a hurdle I need to get over at some point, but “not being able to button” and “needing stretchy material that covers all my midsection” were not exactly the same thing in my mind. I did a quick perusal of what they had, and it seemed like the prices seemed a bit high and the material seemed a bit cheap. Little did I know, I should have spent more time looking at the selection….. 

Stop #2) Department store: I had checked out online some maternity things at a major department store. I shop here a lot of the time anyway and thought “surely, I’ll feel more comfortable here!” I started looping my way through the women’s floor looking for maternity clothes. And then the floor below that. And then the floor below that that had the youth section, and all the kids clothes… on the off chance maybe they would put maternity clothes next to baby clothes. All this until I finally asked someone and realized that this giant department store, doesn’t have any maternity clothes in stock. Fail!

Stop #3) Maternity Boutique: Having struck out at the department store, I remembered at some point passing a maternity boutique in the mall. After several loops to actually find the store, I walk in, and wonder how they can make money when they have so few things they actually sell. I quickly learned why. Maternity jeans for $175. A t-shirt material top for $75. Who on earth would pay this much for clothes you wear for so little time? I backed out of the store slowly.

Online) Returning home in utter defeat, I ended up ordering the BeBand from Target (which hopefully will be arriving soon!). But it has left me with questions. Is online really the answer? Is this the place where I will actually find clothes to wear in the upcoming months when I can no longer pretend that my jeans still fit me? It seems counterintuitive at the time in your life when your whole body is changing, that there aren’t good places to actually try clothes on to see what they look like. 

So my friends–where do you get clothes? Should I have given the name-brand maternity shop a more serious look through? Is online clothes shopping while pregnant a magically better experience than online clothes shopping when your body isn’t rapidly changing? Sigh. The things I do to not be naked.