Yay readyformaybe! I’m so delighted for her and her spouse. And rather delighted to get to walk this journey with her. Seriously, how often do you get to be in the same life stage as a good friend? I feel like that’s rare in the scheme of life, and I feel pretty darn lucky. Thinking happy, healthy pregnancy thoughts!

And now, for some milder good news…. I think I’m feeling better? As in, I think this is what better feels like? I’m still nauseous, but it’s a milder form of nausea–it’s mostly when I pay attention to it that I notice it. I double check to see if I still have pregnant symptoms, and yup, still some nausea there and still feeling lightheaded from time to time. But (knock on something..) it’s not feeling as overpowering or debilitating. And I seem to be able to contemplate food without wallowing in despair or thinking that I will be forced to live on applesauce for the rest of my days.

I document this as either a source of hope, or even of respite, if things get worse as the week continues. I was in the grocery store today, realizing I was feeling better, and asking myself “Does this mean I should try more foods? Cook something?” And then reality came back, and I decided that feeling mildly better wasn’t actually a reason to start trying for food like meat or onions (Ugh). I’ve decided not to push it, but it’s rather nice to eat my oatmeal/yogurt/apple/peanutbutter/pasta diet and not feel awful. It’s like this pregnancy thing keeps changing, which is really hopeful for me. This first trimester is no joke man, and I’ll feel kinda like a rock star to make it through it. Plus you know, closer to creating a new human. Which is also pretty neat.