Oh goodness. So in my quest against nausea, I’ve started eating something every two hours. Seriously. The tyranny of food. No sooner have I finished eating something then it’s time to try to think of what more I should eat. I was in the middle of an appointment that started at the two hour mark, and I was having some serious struggles! Ugh. 

Why so regimented you ask? Because if it gets closer to three, or just later in the day, I now apparently get lightheaded. It started yesterday afternoon, and then it’s been off and on since. I’ve been trying to eat something consistently to keep blood sugar up. But man, this is dumb. 

It’s amazing that people get made, you know? Right now there are 7 billion people on this earth, and each of them had a biological mother who felt ill while growing them. I’m a religious gal, and I’ll have to have a talk to the big Mama in the sky on this one.