photo credit: las – initially via photopin cc

It is official, I have discovered that pregnancy comes with nausea. I blame it on trying to drink a cup of half-caf coffee this morning, it was trying for too much to think that I could keep drinking coffee. But it’s half-caf people–one cup is way under the caffeine limit for pregnant ladies. And so I had a cup. Ha.

The rest of the day has been filled with crackers and water.

I have mixed emotions because a) nausea means that I’m really pregnant. Apparently this is a fact that requires constant reassurance at this point. b) Today was not debilitating, which if it continues like this seems at least livable, if lacking in real food groups. But then there is c) I work in a tiny, tiny office. And tomorrow I have a one-on-one lunch meeting with one of the heads of our organization. And I’m trying to picture ordering anything normal off the menu.

So yes. At this point, nausea is a novel symptom that means that the “itty bitty parasite” continues to grow. And we’ll see if it remains as novel as the weeks continue 😉