It is a clear sign that something is off, when I lose my sense of humor. It is a danger, even a sign, when everything becomes very serious. Frequent causes include not sleeping, forgetting to eat, or apparently major life news (and can I blame hormones yet?).

It’s like in Harry Potter when facing a Boggart–it’s only dangerous if you can’t find a way to laugh and call it ridiculous. 

Which for the record, make some sense when you are facing a huge life and body changing event. I’m also going to blame the dark days, that always seem to make things more lonely and serious. Last night after dinner, I took a few minutes to be still and meditate–trying to let those big emotions through me. I felt better, but still feel the looming “sad and serious” beneath the surface. Which maybe can be met by… I don’t know, picturing nausea dressed up in a tuxedo? hmm…

All this to say, I am hoping to soon regain my sense of humor after learning about the pregnancy. This is joyful! This is good! And if something happens, it will happen, but that falls squarely in the “totally out of my control” category of events.

So today, along with doing some work, will involve adventures such as “finding fancy nonalcoholic beverages with which to ring in the new year” and “thinking of things which aren’t baby or pregnancy related” and maybe taking in a bit of those few hours of sunlight we are getting. What about you, any suggestions for regaining a sense of humor?