My family just left after staying with us. I love them and it’s unusual to have us all in one place. And I had really good news to share.

But every time it came close, I ended up not telling them I was pregnant. In the moment, it felt too new or uncertain or I just felt like bursting into tears. This is why I really love my partner, because he helped me talk through it. This will be good news no matter when I share it. And I can say “and I found out when you were here for Christmas” and they will just be amazed.

I just feel a bit like a giant vulnerable nerve at this moment. And it’s ok to sit with this for a while to wrap my mind around. And it means that they don’t need to keep it a secret for as long–which would be hard for them.

I’m going to need to remember to be gentle with myself, and this is a good place to put it into practice. It’s ok that I didn’t tell them.