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I have family that will be coming to visit next week–which will be fun and lovely and all those things. But over the last week, I’ve been mentally going through our apartment to make my list of all of the things that must be hidden before they arrive.

You would think “booze!”assuming they are teetotalers, or “the Obama coffee mug” to avoid a never-ending debate on health care.

But neither of these are my problem. Instead, I am terrified I will forget to hide the vitamins.


I need to remember to hide the prenatal vitamins, that live next to the morning coffee–the only place I remember to take them. And the copy Taking Charge of Your Fertility in the living room. And make sure that box of “just in case” pregnancy tests are not in a place someone would go looking for an extra roll of toilet paper.

I feel so silly about it–we are at a stage of life that “trying to have a baby” shouldn’t be a shocking thing. And my family are lovely and supportive people. But the idea of having this conversation with them makes me really uncomfortable at this point. I have enough emotions and expectations on my own, that the thought of experiencing their emotions and expectations just seems overwhelming. I love them, and they are dear, and this is not the time I’d like to have that conversation thank-you-very-much.

So yes. There are some parts of the process of trying to conceive that are ridiculous, and I can say “what a ridiculous world we live in!” Draconian dietary expectations of expectant mothers? Scare tactics to anyone who might possibility consider giving birth after the age of 35? Unreasonable and contradictory standards of motherhood? All these things are ridiculous and part of the nutty world we live in.

But anxiety about being discovered with prenatal vitamins in your possession? That’s just me being ridiculous.