First of all, let us all agree that the term “baby-dancing” is stupid.

Not just because it is weird, but also because it is confusing. Because what my mind first pictures is this:

or this

You know: Babies Dancing. And they are awesome! Why would you take away my adorable image of Babies Dancing to replace it with this “I don’t know how to say the word intercourse” awkwardness. Why won’t you let the babies dance?
Because yes, talking about sex is weird–and we are not very good at it. And talking about the kind of sex that leads to babies is kind of uncharted terrain for most of us, who have spent many years learning more about contraception. I am really grateful for all of the sex ed materials that enabled me to not get pregnant for many years. Shall we all give a collective thanks to those brave souls who have demonstrated condoms and explained about taking pills at the same time every day?
But upon entering a stage of life when “having a baby” isn’t the thing of nightmares, our sexual education materials (aka books), should at least have the decency to use a vocabulary that shows they aren’t on the verge of blushing when two adults have intercourse. Because you are supposed to be professionals for peet’s sake. And because what you say, affects how grown women talk about our sexuality. And if I hear one more person talk about Aunt Flo, I might weep for the efforts all of our 5th grade health teachers.