This woman has feelings. You can tell because there is rain.

This woman has feelings. You can tell because there is rain.

My husband and I are both 30 as of this writing. After months and months of angst-ing over the decision of exactly when to come off birth control, (seriously there should be some epic stories of “not refilling the prescription” or something–this is a major life choice), finally stopped the ring in late August. Since then been waiting for my cycle to become normal–at least one trip to the Dr thinks I haven’t started ovulating yet.

So here we are, have decided that we’ve had enough “waiting for normal cycle” and are currently on the edge of possibility. So I’m emotionally between “I could be pregnant at any moment—ahhh—possibility!” to “my body is irreparably broken and doomed.”  I am finding there is really very little in between ground.

Along with this, although I am very excited for pregnant possibilities, I also am aware of the loss of how this would/will affect our lives. There’s a lot of emotions involved in changing your life forever–right? And I’m finding it’s way to easy to subsume all those emotions in a neurotic analysis of cervical fluids. Oh feelings.

How about you all? Where are you at at this moment?

photo credit: Michelle Brea via photopin cc